About Phacet

pharma in multifaceted healthcare

We at Phacet specialize in the computerization of pharmacological and pharmaceutical patient care. We realize that such care is a facet of the vast health care domain and should closely integrate with other care provisions. This the rationale behind our slogan: “pharma in multifaceted healthcare”.

We are healthcare professionals ourselves and know exactly what it takes to get a computerization job done. We realize that organizational changes usually precede the implementation of technological solutions. We also understand that, in the end, physicians and pharmacists, not computers, are responsible for the quality of care.

Phacet makes hardware and software solutions available to health care professionals. It helps to integrate these solutions in daily routine thanks to its profound knowledge of health care processes. We do this in several ways.

We support oncological prescription / compounding / administration software packages from other vendors. We help you getting started with these rather complex solutions in your own organization. We provide functional help desk services for these software packages.

We provide knowledge base management services to help health care professionals apply the latest scientific insights to daily patient care.

We produce and extend open source software solutions and integrate these with existing solutions.