Phacet Oncology Desktop

What is it?

Phacet Oncology Desktop supports the prescription of oncological treatment courses as well as subsequent compounding and dispensing of oncolytic preparations.

How does it work?

Phacet Oncology Desktop enables a prescriber to choose a composite treatment course (consisting of several drug administrations) and then presents an individualized treatment proposal that can be modified by the prescriber. The doses are calculated based on patient characteristics and then rounded to the accuracy level the pharmacy can provide. Phacet Oncology Desktop takes the chemical and microbiological stability of preparations into account as well as the time needed for compounding and transport, and gives direct feedback to the prescriber as to the feasibility of the treatment course order. It warns against protocol deviations, cumulative dose limits being exceeded and order overlaps (e.g. the order may have been given too soon after the previous one).

Once the order is stored it can be modified at any time until the pharmacy starts compounding (this only blocks modification of part of the order). Thus, the physician can adapt the order to changing clinical needs, but stay sure that it remains feasible. We call this behavior: “what you prescribe is what you get”.

Phacet Oncology Desktop helps pharmacy personnel by signaling protocol deviations and by assisting the compounding process. It enables pharmacists to endorse a protocol deviation if this has been justified in a text field by the prescriber. It automatically translates treatment course orders into compounding work sheets and labels without any human interference, eliminating a major source of error. It ensures that an economically optimized combination of commercially available products will be used, thus saving money. It also guarantees that drug concentration limits in the ultimately dispensed preparations conform to the label information (e.g. Taxol®: concentration must be between 0,3-1,2 mg/ml).

What do you need to use it?

Phacet Oncology Desktop is a Microsoft Windows® application that doesn’t need manual installation on separate work stations. We set the system up on a network volume in your organization and make printers available to it. We have experienced senior pharmacists who can support you during customization and introduction to doctors and pharmacy personnel. We provide telephone help desk services as well as on-site support. Since the software source code will be made publicly (and freely) available, supporting you will constitute our main source of revenue.

How do you benefit from it?

Phacet Oncology Desktop is a perfect solution for hospitals treating large numbers of oncological patients. It automates a number of error-prone steps in the treatment of such patients, enabling doctors and pharmacists to concentrate on individualization of patient care. It saves costs by optimizing consumption of expensive products. It is has a simple user interface. It is experience-hardened by use in hospitals since 1996. We are currently working on a complete release of the source code into the public domain so as to make it available for inspection and further development by us and others.